A Wedding Day After Session isn’t anything new, and has been around for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been a wedding photographer in Orange County now going on 8 years.  Let’s talk about some benefits to doing a Day After Wedding Photography Session!

  1. No time constraints!  A wedding day most likely will have some hiccups along the way that may constrain the time you have with your photographer.  It could be anything from traffic between the ceremony and reception location, hair and makeup going a bit longer than anticipated, etc.  One thing I will throw out there is that having a wedding planner will really help things to stay on time and run more smoothly for a stress free wedding day!  I know lots of incredible planners if you need any referrals on this!  Back to my original thought…. if you do a Day After Session you don’t have to worry so much about getting those romantic shots and having to do them as quickly as possible because you have a Day After Session scheduled.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is important to get some at your venue or location of choice, but there is only so much a photographer can do in 30 minutes, especially if we’re doing bridal party and family shots at that time too.
  2. You can choose the location and time!  Say you’re getting married 30 minutes to an hour from the beach, but you really wanted to get photos in your wedding dress at the beach, well a Day After Session is a perfect answer for just that!  It gives you the opportunity to choose your location that may not be practical for the day of your wedding.  You can also choose to do a sunrise session or even a sunset session!  Options are pretty much limitless!
  3. You don’t have to worry so much about getting your dress dirty!  I love getting shots of brides walking through the sand, or sitting down in a field of flowers.  Let’s be reasonable here, while most of my brides will pretty much do anything I ask, I still take caution when I think there is a chance it could get their dress dirty, because they still have a reception to get too!  Well, during the day after session, I don’t have to worry so much about their dress and possibly getting it slightly dirty.  I don’t do a lot of in water, submerged in the ocean Day After Sessions… because that is a little cliche in my opinion, but the ocean at low tide after a wave has just crashed on the beach… now that can be breathtaking!
  4. I have no problem getting dirty or soaked to get that shot!  When it comes to wedding photography, I have no issues climbing a tree, laying in the dirt or in the sand to get the shot, but it would be hard to get soaked up to my thighs and then get back to the reception without being a little distracting.  When it comes to the Day After Session, it’s no holds barred!  I have no issues getting into the ocean to get that dramatic shot, or climbing through weeds and getting all dirty.  There is no limit to what I would do!

So, why do a lot of couples not take advantage of doing a Day After Session, also known as a Trash the Dress?  Here are some hesitations you may have for doing a Day After Session:

  1. You’re going on your honeymoon the next day and won’t have time to do a Day After Session.  A Day After Session, doesn’t necessarily need to be the following day after your wedding.  You could schedule it for a week after, a month after, or even a year after.  Even though it’s considered and called a Day After Session, they should really call it an Anytime After Wedding Session.
  2. You may not want to get hair and make up done again.   Now, why wouldn’t you want to get all dolled up and pampered?  If you did an updo for your wedding, why not switch it up and wear your hair down for the Day After Session.  This is a chance to change it up or keep it exactly how you had it on your wedding day.  It would be completely up to you.  You should ask whoever is doing your hair and makeup on your wedding day if they may give you a discount if you book them for a Day After Session as well.  Keep in mind though, they as well as photographers are very busy on weekends due to weddings, so they may be more willing to do this if you do it on a weekday or possibly a Sunday.
  3. You or your fiance hate getting your picture taken and the thought of another photo session makes you want to throw up.  I promise it will be A LOT less painful then you are thinking.  You already know the photographer and  are used to having a camera in your face at all times.  Also, the photographer by now should know what makes you uncomfortable and stay away from those things.  My couples always have a ton of fun on the Day After Shoots.  It’s so much more relaxed and stress free and they really get into it.

I’m racking my brain right now trying to think of more objections people may have for a Day After Session, but I just can’t think of any.  So, if you can think of something that may dissuade you from doing a Day After, let me know so I can address that as well.

Here are some images from a recent Day After Session.  Their wedding was held in Loma Linda, and 2 days after their wedding we headed to Torrey Pines near San Diego to do their Day After Session.  If you would like to see more of Julie Irene Photography’s wedding photography work, please visit her Orange County Wedding Photography website.

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 17

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 16

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 1

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 2

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 3

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 4

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 5

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 6

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 7

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 8

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 9

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 10

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 11

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 12

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 13

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 14

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 15

Torrey Pines Wedding Photography 18

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01 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251407 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251417 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251416 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251415 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251412 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251419 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251422 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251423 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251425 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 251432 Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photography 2514


Engagement Location: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA

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This is a beautiful wedding that took place at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel.

beautiful ocean wedding photograph at Ritz Carlton


Wedding Ring in FlowersGroom photography sittingwedding flowers lined upBride getting ready at the Ritz CarltonBride getting dressed at the Ritz Carlton Laguna NiguelBack of wedding dress curtainsBride looking out window at the Ritz Carlton Laguna NiguelRitz Carlton Laguna Niguel hallway and brideGroomsmen shot at the Ritz Carlton Laguna NiguelBridesmaid shot at the Ritz Carlton Laguna NIguelSwords wedding ceremonyocean view cute laugh
Veil wedding ritz carlton laguna niguelspecial moment at ritz carlton laguna niguelthrow back shot ritz carltonspa wedding ritz carlton laguna niguelsilhoutte in between buildings ritz carltonclassic bride and groom at the ritz carltonsunset in laguna niguel weddingthe beautiful sunset and the bride and groomdip at susnset at the ritz carlton laguna niguel weddingbride celebrating at ritz carlton laguna niguel

reception dancing ritz carlton laguna niguel

candle ambiance wedding ritz carlton

I had the please of working with some pretty amazing vendors at this wedding:

Ceremony Location |  St. Timothy’s Catholic Church

Reception Location | Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Orange County Wedding Photographer | Julie Irene Photography

Makeup Artist  | Flawless Faces

Wedding Planner  | Platinum Weddings by Kerrie

Florist  | Flower Allie

Videographer  | The Emotion Picture Studio